Women Behind Bars: Cocktail History Revisited
Women Behind Bars: Cocktail History Revisited

Sunday April 29, 2018 | 12:00pm – 1:30pm
BCAE | Vacationland
Sponsored by Privateer & Macchu Pisco
Presented by Misty Kalkofen, Kitty Aman, Lynette Marrero, & Meaghan Dorman
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From widow Alice Guest’s “public house” cave in colonial Philadelphia to Helen David’s Brass Rail Bar, founded amidst the Great Depression, women have had a vital, though often overlooked impact on the evolution of bars and cocktails. In this seminar, four leading ladies of today’s cocktail scene will take you through the alcohol-influenced social changes that began with the antebellum Temperance movement, culminated during Prohibition, and had ripple effects through WWII and beyond. With the spirit and wit specific to lady barkeeps, they’ll share an untold story as you raise a glass (or two) to the women who have influenced cocktail history.

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