Talking Tequila: Innovation through Tradition
Talking Tequila: Innovation through Tradition

Saturday April 27, 2019 | 3:30pm - 5:00pm
BCAE | Bay State Room
Sponsored by: ELVELO Tequila, Tequila Patrón, Fortaleza Tequila, Arette
Presented by: Brandon Cummins, David Alan, Stefano Francavillia, Eduardo Orendain
Moderated by: Joaquin Meza
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Until the 1990’s just about all of the tequila that came north of the border was made in just a few distilleries, the largest of whom were actually located on the same street. Boy have times changed! In honoring the true flavor of agave--and to meet a more discerning palate--producers have turned not to the future, but to the past: embracing processes like the volcanic stone wheel tahona, that had all but disappeared 60 years ago. Join some of the thought leaders in the field, as you learn about, and taste, what a fascinating time it is right now for tequila. Join Brandon Cummins of ELVELO tequila, David Alan of Tequila Patrón, Stefano Francavillia of Fortaleza Tequila, and Eduardo Orendain from Arette as they discuss the evolution of tequila in the modern age.

While most classes about a spirit category are told from one brand’s point of view, Thirst Boston’s Categorical Classes have five panelists and a moderator, giving you several sides of the story from different perspectives!

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