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Thirst Boston is committed to presenting the highest quality educational instruction, taught by the best and brightest of the food and beverage industry. That being said, our education is always firmly rooted in New England. While we welcome presenters, sponsors and topics from all over the world, our classes, events and programming acknowledge a sense of place. 

We attract an organic mix of students from beginners to industry veterans, and classes at Thirst Boston are designed to attract specific demographics, allowing us to tailor the level of education to the audience. 

Classes are 90 minutes long: allowing time for in-depth coverage, for relationships to be created, and for Q&A. We have the luxury of hands-on teaching kitchens at our facility, and can set up a station for each pair of learners. Let us know if that is the format that makes the most sense for your class.  

Lastly, Thirst Boston is committed to embracing multiple teaching formats– including hands-on classes, discussions, and categorical tastings– to empower different types of learners. We do not encourage powerpoint as a learning tool, and invite you to think creatively about your presentation and how guests can learn from it.

If you’d like to submit a seminar for 2020, please fill out this form.

Deadline for submissions is December 1, 2019.

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