Tequila 101: An Introduction to Jalisco’s Native Spirit

Tequila 101: An Introduction to Jalisco’s Native Spirit

Saturday, May 21st, 2:00 – 3:30pm
Bay State Room
Sponsored by: 
Fortaleza, ArteNom Seleccion, Don FulanoArette
Tickets: $25.00

Tequila is so much more than lime and salt. Born 500 years ago from the fusion of Aztec traditional fermented beverages, and a love for brandy among Conquistadors, Tequila is truly a spirit of the Americas.  While its Denomination of Origin dictates that Tequila can only be made in a specific region of Mexico, from a specific species of plant–like Champagne or Barolo– within this rigid parameters there is huge variation in style, taste, production method and philosophy, not to mention a long history The discussion will be lead by esteemed emissary of Mexican spirits, Jake Lustig, who in his 20 year career has created, owned, distributed, developed and rescued a range of Mexican spirits from tequila to mezcal to Mexico’s own Fernet. Jake will represent Fortaleza, ArteNom Seleccion, Don Fulano and Arette Tequilas. 

This is a tasting class, expect to taste through a selection of tequilas.

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