Distillers Round Table: Dave Pickerell of WhistlePig

Distillers Round Table: Dave Pickerell of WhistlePig

Monday, May 23rd, 12:45 – 2:15pm
BCAE – Cranberry Room
Sponsored by: WhistlePig
Tickets: $25.00

It seems like every spirit comes with age claims and descriptions of special barrel finishes on its label these days. So what do these designations actually mean, and how can they help you better understand what’s inside the bottle? Dave Pickerell, WhistlePig Whiskey Master Distiller, will break down the process of whiskey distillation and maturation. Taste a range of differently-aged expressions, including WhistlePig’s new distillate “White Pig,” direct from the new WhistlePig facility, and learn about the role casking plays in creating the final product. This is a chance to learn while experiencing and you’ll come out of the session with a deep understanding and personal appreciation for what goes into a single expression of whiskey.

This is a round-table discussion class, and will have tickets by invitation only. Expect to come prepared with questions and a basic understand of the topic at hand.

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