Creating and Catching the Rising Tide of Cocktails

Creating and Catching the Rising Tide of Cocktails

Monday, May 23rd, 11:00am – 12:30pm
BCAE – Vacationland
Sponsored by: Bacardi
Tickets: $25.00

Why are some cocktail cities better known than others? How do some cocktail bars catch a wave when others watch it roll by? What is it about some bartenders that draws others into their world to the point that their notoriety propels them to a position of influence and credibility?

An expert panel including Lesley Ross, beverage director of Canard in Houston, TX, Sean Muldoon, international sensation and owner of the Dead Rabbit in NYC and, Ian McLaren, Director of Advocacy for Bacardi USA, will break down examples of how and why some cities, bars and bartenders have risen to the top and how where you live needn’t be a barrier to success. Having himself started his career in the small market of Edinburgh, Scotland and watched his city churn out a generation of talent that has gone on to run some of the best bars in the world, McLaren has been a keen ‘student of the game’ for nearly two decades running bars, training schools and ambassador networks in the UK and USA. Using examples from both sides of the Atlantic and beyond, this seminar will map out what it takes to succeed in modern Bartending regardless of whether you are from Boston or Boise, Biloxi or the Bronx. 

This is a lecture style class, expect to take notes and ask questions!

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020