Better Together: Pairing Food with Cocktails

Better Together: Pairing Food with Cocktails

Saturday, May 21st, 12:15 – 1:45pm
BCAE – Nutmeg Room
Sponsored by: Junipero Gin
Tickets: $25.00

With wine pairings near-ubiquitous, we think it’s time gin cocktails got in on the food game. Join Ashish Mitra and Dan Lynch to enjoy three Junipero gin-based cocktails, each paired with a dish featuring botanical flavors. You’ll sip while tasting donuts, crackers with cheese, and even oysters! Get ready to take your entertaining chops to the next level by learning how to incorporate cocktails into the time-honored tradition of pairings drinks with food.

This is a hands on class. Expect to participate in demonstrations and sample food.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020