An Afternoon With Brian Miller: Tiki Monday

An Afternoon With Brian Miller: Tiki Monday

Monday, May 23rd, 12:45 – 2:15pm
Drink – 348 Congress Street Boston
Sponsored by: Lejay Cassis

Tickets: $25.00

Spend the afternoon at Drink exploring Lejay Cassis tiki-style with NYC bartender/pirate Brian Miller as your guide. Brian’s class brings the spirit of his renowned Tiki Mondays to Boston with a focus on tiki history and creative uses for Lejay Cassis beyond the beloved Kir Royale. Featured in the New York Post, New York Magazine, and many more as New York City’s premier standard-bearer for all things tiki, the opportunity to immerse yourself in the tradition with a modern-day master is not to be missed. Dating back to Trader Vic’s 1946 Book of Food and Drink, the El Diablo is a classic example of the best in tiki, one of today’s hottest drink categories – and you can experience it here as made by one of its biggest advocates. You’ll leave this workshop with a deeper appreciation of tiki history and fresh inspiration for cassis’s role in the tradition.

This is an intimate discussion style class. Expect to ask questions, participate in discussion and generally hang-out.

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