A Liquid History of the US Wine Industry

A Liquid History of the US Wine Industry

Saturday, May 21st, 3:45 – 5:15pm
BCAE – Granite Room
Sponsored by: Wine Riot

Tickets: $25.00

Wine been part of the United States’ history from the beginning – and we’ll show just how much a part of our country’s story it’s been in this session. We’ll start with the wine Thomas Jefferson sipped while he wrote the Declaration of Independence, move through the early frontier years, and dive deep into how Prohibition destroyed and eventually reshaped the US wine industry. We’ll talk business, economics, politics, and the science behind wines on the shelf right now. We’ll explore the wine market and try to understand why some wines brands sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Finally, we’ll talk science and genetics as we find out exactly how sensitive you are to bitter flavors and what that means for your wine-drinking habits. This class is taught by a local expert who has gained national recognition: Tyler Balliet is President and Co-Founder of Wine Riot.

This is a tasting class, expect to taste through samples of wine.

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