Woodnt it Be Nice

Woodn’t It Be Nice? What You Haven’t Been Told About Barrel-Aging History and Impact

Presented by Buffalo Trace Distillery
Sunday, November 9 – 10:00am – 11:30am
Fairmont Copley Plaza: State Suite B
Tickets: $25.00

Did you know that the earliest known barrels weren’t made from oak or that barrels came into being centuries ago in ancient Rome more for transportation purposes than for maturation reasons? Do you know the subtle differences between French and American oak? You likely don’t know the answers because frightfully little has been talked or written about barrel-aging. F. Paul Pacult’s illuminating new seminar, assisted by Troy Clarke (Director of Spirits & Mixology Education for Martignetti Co/United Liquors, MA USBG President), will shed light on topics such as the history of barrels, how barrels are made, what happens to beverages while inside barrels, how climate and terrain affect trees, why oak is the preferred wood for aging beverages, what types of oak are the best and how they differ, how placement in aging warehouses affects oak-aging, and the difference between searing and charring barrels. Attendees will have the rare chance to taste several beverages that will clearly depict how oak barrels impact the final products of wine and spirits. A “must attend” seminar for anyone who likes, drinks and/or works with oak-aged beverages.

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