Water Ice and Scotch

Water, Ice and Scotch: The Myths, the History and the Science

Presented by Johnnie Walker
Sunday, November 9, 2014, 4:45-6:15pm
Grill 23 (161 Berkeley St., Boston)
Tickets: $25

We’re breaking down that old question: “How should I drink my Scotch – neat or on the rocks?” You don’t want to miss this engaging afternoon with William Codman, Master of Whiskey for Diageo and Ezra Star, General Manager of Drink as they use science to smash myths about water and ice . Not only will you taste an array of Scotch from Johnnie Walker, but you’ll come away enlightened. A special seminar held in one of the most venerable steak and Scotch restaurants in the country, Grill 23.

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