Sustainability in Spirits

Sustainability In  Spirits: Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of Spirits Production

Presented by Don Q and Caliche rums
Sunday, November 9, 4:45-6:15pm
Fairmont Copley Plaza: Commonwealth Room
Tickets: $25.00

While most spirits aficionados are quite knowledgeable about the different styles of spirits and their sensory characteristics, much less is known and discussed about the environmental impacts of producing your favorite spirits.  

In this seminar, Roberto Serralles, environmental scientist and rum maker, will provide a brief overview of the production processes of some of the major spirits types and highlight the most important environmental inputs and outputs of spirits production. Using the Serralles Distillery, a 6th generation family-owned and operated distillery in Ponce, Puerto Rico, as a case study, he will describe in detail how this distillery has attempted to minimize its environmental impact by designing and implementing a one-of-a-kind zero-discharge rum production facility.  While numerous challenges permeate the operation, the Serralles Distillery provides an industry leading example in environmental distilling.

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