Music and Cocktails

Music & Cocktails

Presented by Origin Beverage
Saturday, November 8 – 10:00am – 11:30am
Fairmont Copley Plaza: Commonwealth Room
Tickets: $25.00

Cocktails and Music – the perfect pairing! Since the birth of mixology, drinks have been surrounded by music in the various saloons, taverns, dancehalls, nightclubs, taverns and parties in homes and beyond. Just as a cocktail appeals to the eye, nose and mouth, music will fill the ear. In our seminar, musician/DJ/bartender Brother Cleve will look at the combined history of these topics, and we’ll taste a few cocktails from different eras along the way with spirits from the Origin Beverage portfolio. We’ll discuss how music can help brand your bar (at home or professional), and the best ways technology can deliver the sounds your beverage wants to play.

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