Title Town
Title Town: How to Make Friends & Win Cocktail Competitions

Sunday April 30 – 12:00pm – 1:30pm
BCAE | Vacationland Room 2
Sponsored by Bacardi
Presented by Naomi Levy, Ran Duan, Will Isaza and Schuyler Hunton
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Hear from some renowned hometown heroes about their story of emerging victorious at a major cocktail competition, and what has made Boston one of the country’s most winningest cities in National Cocktail Competitions. Join Naomi Levy (Bacardi Legacy 2014 Champion, Diageo World Class Finalist 2014-2016), Schuyler Hunton (Most Imaginative Bartender 2016), Ran Duan (Most Imaginative Bartender 2014, Bacardi Legacy 2015 Champion) and Will Isaza (Bacardi Legacy Finalist 2016), all champions in their own rights, as they talk about their individual approaches to preparation and presentation, and share tips and tricks to improve your skills (and your chances of winning).

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020