Mezcal’s Past, Present and Future
Mezcal’s Past, Present and Future

Saturday April 29 – 3:30 – 5:00pm
BCAE | Granite Room
Presented by Misty Kalkofen & Francisco Terrazas
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Mezcal is where sustainability meets spirits, but how can preservation and forward progress co-exist? What can we do about the scarcity of raw materials? Generations of family mezcal producers have a lot to teach us about sustainability in mezcal and beyond.

Dip your toe into some of the incredible history and creation of this incredible spirit with a look at it’s past, present and future. Boston mezcal celebrity, Misty Kalkofen, who now serves as Madrina for the Del Maguey Single Village Mezcal family and a founding member of the Tequila Interchange Project, will teach alongside and Francisco Terrazas, former GM at Bobby Huegel’s The Pastry War and currently working with the Mezcal Vago family in Oaxaca City and beyond.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020