Sugar, Sugar: Pastry & Cocktails
Sugar, Sugar: Pastry & Cocktails

Sunday April 30 – 5:15pm – 6:45pm
BCAE | Nutmeg Room
Sponsored by Collectif 1806
Presented by Kate Holowchik
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Just like a great cocktail requires precision and care, pastry chefs use technique and creativity to make magic. Join Quincy-based pastry chef Kate Holowchik to learn how spirits can elevate your pastry game and what bartenders can learn from the pastry world. You’ll try Bruicladdich black pepper ice cream sandwiches with gingersnaps, classic carrot cake with Mount Gay buttercream and coconut caramel, and more over the course of this sweet seminar. Find out how concepts like balance, presence of sugar, and the use of acid inform both cocktail creation and pastry preparation.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020