Rum: Spirit of the Americas
Rum: Spirit of the Americas

Saturday April 29 | 1:45 - 3:15pm
BCAE: Bay State Room
Sponsored By: Bacardi, El Dorado, Lost Spirits, Novo Fogo, Rhum Clement
Presented By: Juan Coronado, Brother Cleve, Bryan Davis, Kimi Winkler, Kiowa Bryan and Moderated by Joe Cammarata
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The history of rum and the history of the Americas are inextricable: from kill-devil to the modern day, by way of countless revolutions (American and other), Prohibition, the Cold War, the tiki craze, modern nation-building, and the craft cocktail renaissance, it’s been a long, fascinating journey. The wide variety of styles and categories in rum available today reflect the unbelievable cultural diversity of our hemisphere. From Caribbean to agricole to demerara to cachaça, each bottle tells a story of a people and a place. Join Joe Cammarata, Bar Manager of Hojoko, as he leads a discussion and tasting of rums with Kiowa Bryan of Rhum Clement, Juan Coronado of Bacardi, Kimi Winkler of Novo Fogo, Bryan Davis of Lost Spirits, and Brother Cleve, Boston Cocktail HIstorian with El Dorado.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020