Mezcal: A True Taste of Mexico
Mezcal: A True Taste of Mexico

Sunday April 30 | 5:15 - 6:45pm
BCAE: Bay State Room
Sponsored By: Del Maguey, Derrumbes, Fidencio, Leyenda, Mezcal Amaras
Presented By: Misty Kalkofen, Arik Torren, Danny Mena, Sofia Acosta, Esteban Morales and moderated by Joaquin Meza
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A panel of representatives from different mezcal distillers including Amaras (Sofia Acosta), Leyenda (Danny Mena), Del Maguey (Misty Kalkofen), Derrumbas, and Fidencio (Arik Torren)
One of the few distilled spirits to exhibit terroir, a true sense of origin, mezcal invites tasting alongside discussions of history, geography, culture, language, cuisine, and politics. Join representatives from mezcal producers representing the breadth of Mexico to start unpacking this vast and delicious category. You’ll enjoy a tasting guided by representatives of some of the world’s most respected agave producers including Sofia Acosta of Amaras; Misty Kalkofen of Del Maguey; Arik Torren of Fidencio alongside Leyenda and Derrumbes.


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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020