John Troia
John Troia: The Indiana Jones of Lost and Forgotten Spirits

Saturday April 29 | 3:30 – 5:00pm
BCAE: Green Mountain Room
Sponsored by Tempus Fugit
Presented by John Troia
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In 2001, John Troia made it his mission to bring traditionally produced absinthes back to the US after a near century-long ban. Troia, co-founder of Tempus Fugit Spirits, and esteemed spirits historian, has revived not only absinthe, but crèmes, bitters, and liqueurs that were once in widespread use but had since fallen out of favor. Tempus Fugit’s research-informed products now grace the shelves of respected cocktail bars worldwide, and Troia is an in-demand expert on historic spirits. Using the wormwood as a lens, Troia will lead tastings of macerations, distillates, and spirits as you make your way from the past to the future of this versatile herb and its integral role in the history and evolution of cocktails.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020