Genever Say Never
Genever Say Never

Saturday April 29 – 1:45 – 3:15pm
BCAE | Granite Room
Sponsored by Bols and Diep 9
Panelists – Véronique Van Acker-Beittel (Diep 9) and Sean Bucalo (Bols), moderated by Jen Davis
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Genever is the spirit you never knew you loved. Hear from someone who’s literally written the book on it: Véronique Van Acker-Beittel, Belgian born and raised, has been passionate about her country’s native spirit since she was a teenager. Unable to find her beloved genever in the U.S., she left a Fortune 500 career to found Flemish Lion LLC, the first company importing Belgian genever into America. Her 2013 book Genever: 500 Years of History in a Bottle is the first written in English on the topic, and she’ll draw from her research for it to lead a fascinating discussion along with Lucas Bols National Trade Development Manager Sean Bucalo about genever’s history and intricacies while attendees enjoy renowned genever Diep9 and Bols Genever. Come curious and leave convinced!

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020