A Lifelong Quest for Specialty Spirits
A Lifelong Quest for Specialty Spirits: Importing The Best

Sunday April 30 | 1:45 – 3:15pm
BCAE: Green Mountain Room
Sponsored by Burke Distributing
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From his start in the wine, spirits, and beer business back in 1974, Henry Preiss has endlessly searched for family producers of high-quality brands. He started early: Henry’s father Erich was the first importer of Jägermeister (among other specialty brands) in the western US. Over the years, Preiss has pioneered such brands as Niepoort Ports, Luxardo, Hirsch Bourbon, Ypioca Cachaça, Springbank Single Malts Scotch, and many others now found in stores and bars across the country. Learn how his unique ability to see the promise in small brands has led him to industry success and hear about his third-generation family business Preiss Imports, now thriving with help from his daughter Nicole.

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020