United / Martignetti Tasting Room
We want our customers tasting in progressions as we do in wine: One part of the room will be set up from white spirits, transitioning to brown, then to herbal/vermouth, and finishing with non-alcoholics. We will also be featuring bartenders from all over the state to highlight cocktails from their programs that feature brands being tasted in our room. In another section of the room we will have a demo and discussion of draft cocktails, explain why glassware is so important, and investigate if ice really makes a difference. We will also have the opportunity to book appointments in our bar training center for customers who wish to dive deeper with their programs.

For details on attending, see your United or Martinetti Rep.

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April 29 @ 12:00

12:00 pm

– 4:00 pm

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020