Thirst Boston Cocktail Trivia
Come one, come all and test your cocktail and spirits knowledge at Cocktail Trivia! Grab a team (5 people max) and sign up for a chance to hang with other cocktail nerds and win prizes!

How it Works:

Cocktail Trivia will have a little something for everyone, so grab a team of up to 5 people. There’s no need to all be in the same place, as long as you and your teammates can communicate with one another. Everyone will tune-in individually for the trivia presentation, and your team captain will submit answers on everyone’s behalf. Just register for a Thirst Boston ticket and we’ll send you the link to join 24 hours in advance. Your team will register with your Team Name once you ‘arrive’ at trivia.

How Do We Win?

We’ll award prizes to the top three teams, first place team gets $250, second place, $150 and third $100, and You’ll have the option to take the cash, or donate to a charity. Each round of trivia will have points awarded for correct answers, and the highest scores will win.

Do You Need to Live in Boston?

If we can find one bright spot in all of this, it’s that for the first time ever Thirst Boston is available to everyone, no matter their location. As long as you can tune in to trivia, you can participate!

Looking for suggestions on what to drink? – Click here!

September 14 @ 20:00

8:00 pm

– 9:45 pm


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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020