Scotch and Sherry: #SquadGoals (SOLD OUT)
Join Massachusetts Compass Box Brand Ambassador and Certified Sherry Specialist Carlo Caroscio and Lustau specialist Steven Dragun as we explore the relationship between sherry and scotch as well as taste a diverse offering of sherries and sherried scotches. Attendees will learn about the historical significance of sherry consumption and barrel use in Scotland as well as how it impacts the flavors of scotch whisky. How better to gain an appreciation for one of the great wines of the world?

This is a hands-on class and you should expect to roll up your sleeves and participate!


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April 28 @ 15:30

3:30 pm

– 5:00 pm

BCAE, Green Mountain Room

Carlo Caroscio, Steven Dragun

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020