It’s Party Time!: How to Make Cocktails For a Crowd (SOLD OUT)
It’s the day before your big party, and you’re stressing about the guests, the food, and the bar. You’re known as a cocktail enthusiast and aficionado, but how are you going to serve that many creative drinks to your guests while still being able to enjoy your event?  Easy: pre-batch! Learn tips from cocktail and event experts on how to make large quantities of drinks in a short amount of time. This class will feature drink samples, mocktails, and hands-on cocktail making.

This is a hands-on class and you should expect to roll up your sleeves and participate!


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April 27 @ 14:00

2:00 pm

– 3:30 pm

BCAE, Elm Room

Bonnie Nag, Jonathan Pogash

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020