Bar Manager Bootcamp (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Bar Manager Bootcamp is a professional development course designed to provide Tools, Peers, and Mentors to the next generation of Bar Managers who are shaping how we drink in New England in the future. The program contains three modules: Practical, where we’ll cover how to fix ten things in your bar, including dishwashers, drains, and ice machines; Financial, where we will talk about how to cost cocktails, and run a profitable bar; and Management Practices, where you we will discuss how to build a team and foster a culture among your staff.

This link is an application and does not guarantee placement. You’ll receive a confirmation via email with detailed instructions. This class is for working members of the hospitality industry only. 

April 28 @ 11:00

11:00 am

– 2:30 pm

Wink and Nod

Emma Hollander, Jared Sadoian, Josh Childs, Rob Robinson, Ryan Lotz, Susan Warshauer

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SEPTEMBER 14, 2020