Rye Not?: American History in a Glass
Rye Not?: American History in a Glass

Saturday April 27, 2019 | 11:30am - 1:00pm
BCAE | Bay State Room
Sponsored by: Corby Canadian Whisky, Old Elk, Sagamore, Knob Creek
Presented by: Greg Metze, Old Elk, formerly of MGP, Gina Fossitt, Corby Canadian Whisky Global Ambassador, Ryan Norwood, Head Distiller - Sagamore, Tim Heuisler, Knob Creek
Moderator: Tim Cabral - Ordinary
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Did you know that after leaving the presidency George Washington spent his golden years distilling Rye Whiskey? From Virginia up through New England, just about every farm had a distillery, and everyone was making rye. After going through some dark times, Rye Whiskey sales have increased tenfold in the last ten years. However, as demand for a spirit that takes years to age skyrocketed, where did all this whiskey come from? Join an esteemed panel of experts to discuss—and taste—the rich history and fascinating styles of Rye Whiskey.

While most classes about a spirit category are told from one brand’s point of view, Thirst Boston’s Categorical Classes have five panelists and a moderator, giving you several sides of the story from different perspectives!

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