R(h)um from Cane
R(h)um from Cane

Sunday April 29, 2019 | 11:30am - 1:00pm
BCAE | Bay State Room
Sponsored by: Spiribam, St. George Spirits, Novo Fogo, Clarin, Paranubes
Presented by: Kiowa Bryan, Bryan Bartell, Kimi Winkler, Kate Perry, Joaquin Meza
Moderated by: Rob McCaughey
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Rum is made from sugar, right? In actuality, many rums are made from molasses. However, in selected locations around the world, there is a rich history of distilling fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, a process that yields an intensely flavorful spirit that could never deny the raw material from which it was made. Learn about the fascinating world of sugarcane distillates and taste spirits from Martinique, Brazil, Mexico, Haiti, and Alameda, CA.

While most classes about a spirit category are told from one brand’s point of view, Thirst Boston’s Categorical Classes have five panelists and a moderator, giving you several sides of the story from different perspectives!

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