Irish Whiskey: So Hot Right Now
Irish Whiskey: So Hot Right Now

Saturday April 27, 2019 | 1:30pm - 3:00pm
BCAE | Bay State Room
Sponsored by: Irish American, Beam Suntory, The Glendalough, Teeling, and Redbreast
Presented by: Xander Brown, Michael Egan, Brendan Crowley, Cian Ó Scolaí, Sean McKay
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For the last century, Irish Whiskey saw shrinking sales, corporate consolidation, and distillery closure—but now all of that has changed. With the revival of old brands, the reopening of old distilleries, and a booming craft distilling movement, Irish Whiskey sales are reporting a 1000% increase since 2003*. Join Xander Brown of Redbreast, Michael Egan from Beam Suntory, Brendan Crowley from The Glendalough, Cian Ó Scolaí from Teeling, and Sean McKay from Irish American to taste the past, present, and future of Irish Whiskey.

While most classes about a spirit category are told from one brand’s point of view, Thirst Boston’s Categorical Classes have five panelists and a moderator, giving you several sides of the story from different perspectives!

(*source: Distilled Spirits Council of the US)

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