Intergalactic Blender Bender
Intergalactic Blender Bender

Sunday April 28, 2019 | 8:00pm - 11:00pm
China Pearl 3rd Floor | 9 Tyler Street Boston
Sponsored by: 375 Park, Ron Diplomatico, Bacardi, Altamar, Tequila Patrón, Collectif 1806, Effen, DeKuyper, St George Spirits, Four Roses, Bombay, Heaven's Door
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The Intergalactic Blender Bender is going to be out of this WORLD! Featuring 12 teams of bartenders, you’ll be the judge of their blended creations. Join us for this intergalactic experience with blended drinks from 36 bartenders, while you taste each one and dance your heart out!

Don’t be afraid to dress up! We'll have a costume contest for attendees so costumes are encouraged and dancing required. Tickets are $65 and will include drink samples and light snacks. Beer will be available for purchase and donations will be made to BAGLY.

Another Dimension!
Sponsored by DeKuyper

John Rodríguez – A4cade
Jessie Keech – Baldwin Bar
Sebastían Tollius – Eastern Standard

Area 666
Sponsored by Patrón

Jace Sheehan – Shore Leave
Kasilynne Belanger – Deep Ellum
Ian Toste – Lone Star Cambridge

Blendie Stardust and the Shakers From Mars
Sponsored by Four Roses

Amanda Saladino – The Hawthorne
Jason Kilgore – Backbar
Nate Haskell – Oak Long Bar

Chix In Black
Sponsored by Ron Diplomatico

Tina Liberty – The Fix Burger Bar
Cat Corey – Volturno Worcester
Kat Reilly – Simjang Worcester


Gender Bender (Bender Blender Bender) Rama
Sponsored by Heaven’s Door

Kat Lamp – Backbar
Lindsay Adams – Green Street Tavern
Matt Conner – Spoke

Gurrrls of the 21st Century
Sponsored by Bacardi

Hannah Moore – Shore Leave
Jason Cool – Chickadee
Brit McMahan – Drink

Intergalactic Probitary
Sponsored by Altamar

Vannaluck Hongthong – Island Creek Oyster Bar (Burlington)
Charles Coykendall – Benedetto
Drexel Axeloons – Alden & Harlow

Licensed to Spill
Sponsored by Bombay

Alan Ercolani – Less Than Greater Than
Brandon Phillips – Brick & Mortar
Silas Axtel – Armsby Abbey

Mostly Harmless
Sponsored by 375 Park

Mellie Wiersma – Shore Leave
Dan Lynch – The Ocean House
Kevin McNally – Trina’s Starlite Lounge

The Barbarzellas
Sponsored by Effen

Amber Carbino – State Park
Bonnie Nag – Trina’s Starlite Lounge
Katie Soule – Yvonne’s

The Cosmo-politans
Sponsored by St. George Distilling

Patrick Brenner – Tiger Mama
Jen LaForge – Blossom Bar
Thiago Prado – Eastern Standard

Sponsored by Collectif 1806

Cameron Brown – The Automatic
Amber Hakim – Lone Star Taco Bar
Humar Miranda – Brick & Mortar

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