Blender Bender: BLENDERDOME

Blender Bender: BLENDERDOME

Whiskey Saigon
Sunday April 29, 2018 8-11pm
Tickets - $65 - Purchase Here

Twelve teams enter, one team leaves! Join us for a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic blended drink competition pitting teams of Bartenders against one another for a battle of the most delicious.  Costumes encouraged. See below for a list of Blender Bender teams and their sponsors. The winner is chosen by popular vote so come ready for some serious tasting!

Tickets $65 and include samples of competition drinks and snacks. Beer will be available for purchase and proceeds will be donated to charity.


Aunty Entity and the Pig Killers

Crystal Kelley // Highball Lounge
Cory Buono // Highland Kitchen, Lone Star
Rosa Ortiz // Trina’s Starlight Lounge

Bats Out of Hell

Derek Grimm // Deadhorse Hill
Silas Axtell // Armsby Abbey
Thomas Gilroy // The Citizen Wine Bar

Blender Pretenders

Joe McGuirk // Highland Fried
Emma Hollander // Trina’s Starlight Lounge
Erica Hodgkinson // State Park

Dome Pieces

Brit McMahan // Drink
Jen LaForge // Blossom Bar
Oscar Simoza Miszlai // Silvertone

Doof Warrior and the Hot Shakes

Joe Slavinski // Russell House Tavern
Amber Carbino // State Park
Derek Almeida // Bar Mezzana

Fox Force Five

Jacki Schromm // Lion’s Tail
Kayla Quigley // Franklin
Clairess Chaput // Highball Lounge

Master Blaster

Ruben Cardoza // Blossom Bar
Jace Sheehan // Citizen Public House
Dan Ellisa // Wink & Nod

The Alcolytes

Naureen Huq // Alden & Harlow, Franklin
Tainah Soares // A4CADE
Jordan Runion // Blossom Bar

The Bartertown Master Blenders

Michael Pando // Deep Ellum
Anthony Mottla // The Automatic
Molly Bird

The Methane Mavericks

Melissa Benson // A4CADE
Brandon Phillips // Brick & Mortar
Dan Savage // Waypoint

War Boys

Carlo Caroscio // Backbar
Daren Swisher // Hojoko
Luc Thiers // The Spirit Room (NY)

Welcome to Harkerdome

Rob Ficks // The Hawthorne
Diego Pena-Herrera // Eastern Standard
Victoria Platt // Island Creek Oyster Bar

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