Around the Table with Knockdhu and Balblair Distilleries
Around the Table with Knockdhu and Balblair Distilleries

Sunday April 28, 2019 | 11:30 – 1:00pm
BCAE | Green Mountain Room
Sponsored by: Knockdhu and Balblair Distilleries
Presented by: Zach Taylor, Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co.
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Why do the Knockdhu and Balblair distilleries produce some of the highest quality whisky in the world? With little to no automation, Balblair and Knockdhu are operated manually under the keen eyes of two distillery managers whose focus is on excellent fermentation, precise distilling, and intentional aging. In this roundtable Zach Taylor, CEO and co-founder of Taylor & Taylor Whiskey Co. (a whiskey education company and nascent independent bottler), will focus specifically on the importance of clean fermentations and the positive effects of natural color, non-chill filtration, and superb cask management.

Thirst Boston’s Around The Table series of classes allow guests participate with questions and discussions throughout the class.

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