What is Thirst Boston?

Thirst is New England’s premier cocktail festival. We focus on education involving spirits, cocktails, and locally made beverages. With a weekend full of exciting classes and spirited events, Thirst helps the community bond together over a shared passion for all things cocktail. Join us at the Boston center for Adult Education for classes ranging from an introduction to rum, understanding flavor profiles, to more advanced ice carving. By night we’ll bring New England’s best offerings with events like State Lines and the Gender Bender Blender Bender.

See a full schedule of classes and events here. 

We’ve got classes on all things beverage, including some highlights

Mezcal: A True Taste of Mexico
Join five mezcal experts to walk you through all that Mezcal has to offer and explain why it’s different that Tequila!

Tequila: Mexico’s Ambassador to the World
Find out how the ancient peoples of Mexico used agave and agave-based spirits, and discover how tequila ended up a staple at contemporary cocktail bars.

The True Cost of the Bottle: Mezcal Sustainability in Mexico
Mezcal is where sustainability meets spirits. Two of today’s most passionate ambassadors for tradition, sustainability, and excellence in Mexican spirits will lead a conversation about the complex set of economic, sociopolitical, and environmental concerns at work in the making of mezcal


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